Across North Devon, and especially in coastal areas where roofs are more exposed, it is important to carry out regular inspections on your pitched or flat roof. the trouble with roofs is that often the first sign of trouble is when we see water coming in through the walls or ceilings. in obvious cases you may be able to see visible damage such as misplaced tiles in strong winds, but often it is the case that you don’t see any damage until it is too late.

Regular inspections of your North Devon roof

There isn’t specifically a right time to inspect your roof but as a rule, it is always good to check in early spring or before the winter sets in. As a country, we tend to be subject to the good old British weather at any point be it summer or winter so there isn’t specifically a rainy season. Springtime is usually a good time though as the frosts of winter have dissipated and the warmer weather means that it is easy to get up on the roof and have a look. Don’t do this yourself though. Call in the professionals that are trained and insured to be up on roofs and that know what they are looking for.

Checking for wear and tear in flat roofs

If you have an older flat roof that uses bitumen or felt, regular inspections are even more important. The trouble with these materials is that they aren’t built to last like the DuoPly EPDM system. Often materials such as felt and bitumen can crack due to extremes in temperature. When they do crack, then the water can get in. Then its just a matter of time before you end up with water making its way into your property.

Pitched roofs

Much like flat roofs that can crack and allow water in, pitched roofs can also sustain damage such as loose or broken tiles, damage to flashing or rips and tears to the membrane/insulation. Again extremes in temperatures and particularly strong winds can cause problems. Uneven surfaces can cause a build up in sediment which can eventually break down and damage the material beneath it. When it snows, vents on newer houses can allow the snow to build up in the roof space and damage the loft space.

Unfortunately, we cannot see many of these problems until it is too late and we end up with a much bigger bill for damages. Having your North Devon roof inspected can make sure that you identify any issues before they become much bigger ones.

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