DuoPly EPDM High Performance Roofing

If you want a quality roofing system that is built to last for your North Devon flat roof then DuoPly provides the proven waterproofing of EPDM (synthetic rubber membrane) enhanced by the additional strength of a fleece backing. This solution is perfect for a range of deck surfaces such as concrete, insulation, timber decking or overlaying existing bitumen surfaces. There are many key features that make this the preferred roofing option:-

  • Proven 50 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

  • Less weight – more strength

  • Fleece reinforcement – added toughness and durablity

  • No shrinkage – a quality that standard EPDM cannot offer

  • Will not tear, split or crack and is 40% more puncture resistant than other brands

  • Quick, clean and cold applied. Easy to install.

  • Not affected by extremes of temperatures and is completely watertight

  • Pre-applied Seam Tape – Fast reliable seams

  • Third fewer seams than felt roofing

  • Ideal for repair, renewal or new build

  • Greater puncture resistance than most modified bitumen roofing systems

  • Easily joined to other materials

  • Can be used as a roof garden or terrace


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